• nmw posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Almost all my websites are membership-based community sites, ever since I first developed the concept about a decade ago. It’s nice to see that the idea is now beginning to catch on in the wider news / journalism industry. Note, however, that “thecorrespondent” is a brand name and not an English word (nor a word in any language as far as I know) — therefore, it could be argued that it remains retard media and is not part of the rational media landscape. Yet I feel the membership-based community approach is valid and reliable, and indeed many of my own media-related ideas were also strongly influenced by insights gleaned from my exchanges with other members in the Omidyar Network community (which is now defunct, having disbanded a little over 10 years ago). Today (and for the foreseeable future) I expect the most significant contributions to reliable and trustworthy information will continue to be built using open architectures rather than secret, proprietary intellectual property. Most noteworthy in this regard is the impact the WordPress community has, and will probably continue to have, unless some disastrous global event should derail that project. (cf WordPress Advanced Search )

    E849: Ernst-Jan Pfauth, CEO of The Correspondent, on breaking the journalism crowdfunding world record, launching in U.S., & innovating by ignoring the news & creating for readers instead of advertisers & owners