• nmw posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Joe Rogan, quoting Sam Harris podcast with “guest” (episode 1156, 1:48:38):

    We’re at this strange time in history where the news is different depending on what channel you watch.

    This is an excellent description of the transition from retard media to rational media (which I first delineated in an article called “The Wisdom of the Language”, written over 10 years ago). I’ve gotten a lot of pushback for my use of the term “retard media”, and attempted to clarify the issue in How to Define “Retard Media”. The negativity is, however, apparently simply a gut reaction to the word “retard” (which underscores how strongly irrational “lizard brain” reactions impact the way many people feel about stuff). Presently, the most important issue remains the limited media literacy skills of the vast majority of internet users, limiting their ability to make rational choices regarding which media channels are trustworthy, untrustworthy or even distrustworthy.