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    How Many Guides?

    At the end of the day, if you’re going to do a search of everything “out there“, you need to store that someplace.

    Matt Mullenweg, in response to my question. Matt is a very smart dude – but a little timid (IMHO 😉 ).

    At the moment, most users of the Internet have very little knowledge of how search technology works. Many are unaware, for example, that the Google oracle spies on them, or that the answers it provides to their questions are heavily littered with paid results (or that many of the unpaid results are poor by design – thereby motivating naive users to instead click on paid results), etc.

    Most Internet users will respond to warnings that they are relying too heavily on Google with shoulder shrugging. Most users seem incapable of finding alternative guides.

    Google: should i

    Google: should i get

    Google: should i have

    In my opinion, literacy also involves the ability to get a second opinion… and a third one, a fourth one, and possibly even many more. How many? Is that something an information retrieval (search) system should dictate, or is it something each user should be able to decide case by case? These and many more interesting questions are now being discussed at