WOOHOO — WordPress Advanced Search!! :D

My peeps who have been following me since at least last June may very well know / remember that I had a question for Matt Mullenweg at the WordCamp (WordPress) Conference in Paris. If you need a little memory / brain jogging, please feel free to watch it! 😀

Well, lo and behold: IT HAPPENED!!

This is SO AWESOME I simply had to write about it here!

Note, though, there are still some missing pieces (which Matt described in “part 2” of his answer to my question [see video link above 😉 ] ).

IMHO there are now still some followup issues to this new + improved WordPress Advanced Search release:

  • Where can I see it in action?

  • How can I see especially good / expert / etc. implementations?

Enquiring minds want to know — as in they want to actually find what they are searching for! 😉

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