• nmw posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Experiences from engaging with “Daily Post” Prompt — especially as a reader of others’ posts

    • First: Titles — many people are simply not good at them.

      The issue is the people don’t seem to grok the “theme-rheme” relationship between titles and the content contained within the post. Titles should raise a question and the content should answer that question. If your question is too broad / general / all-encompassing, then in order to answer it you would need to write a book (or several books). I’m not here to read a whole book, so please get more specific! 😉

    • Your experience may be interesting to you, but if you want me to be interested, then please say something that will actually engage my interest. Don’t just write something — make me feel like I ought to care! 😉